Honestly – I’m just trying to make it more fun.  Rather than another spaghetti/pasta night, or chicken (fill in the blank), casserole, or other utterly prosaic meal, I often just have to mix it up a little.  At the least for my own sanity.  A little creativity, imagination, and unexpectedness make an adventure out of  what could otherwise be a chore.  The process often goes like this:  I go to my pantry, and my refrigerator – take stock of what’s in there, and see what I can come up with.  Occasionally I have to make a trip to the store, but this is minus points.  I decide what ingredient to feature, and just start adding things.  Most of the time, this works out OK – and we get an unconventional, but pretty good meal.  Every once in a while, the results are spectacular – and this is the intermittent reward that keeps me doing this – this is ultimate victory :-).  And of course, every once in a while, your kids look in the cooking pot, and ask if someone threw up in there.


It’s heard in the wind on the wings of summer
Softly it sings ‘ta-loo ta-lee’
Echoing sweetly as wee ones wonder
Where is it found this answer we seek?

So sweetly it’s melody shows the secret
To all with an open heart to hear
It’s found in the dream of the child that seeks it
The end of the rainbow is always so near

Look to the sky when you heart feels like flying
Race with the clouds ’til the sun sets
But look deep inside when it’s joy that you seek.
It is easy when you but believe

When looking through eyes of imagination
All that’s around you blossoms anew
From fields of clover to sweet carnations
The colors of life now burst into view.

So tarry awhile in this land enchanted,
Found in that place deep within-
There you’ll find peace, there you’ll find joy
It is waiting if you but believe-

Open your eyes and believe

–Kurt Bestor